Genre - Sludge/Death

    Location - Charlotte, NC

    Members - 

    Brian - Guitars 
    Justin - Bass / Backing Vocals 
    Jake - Drums 
    Chung - Vocals


    Goat Rot is a newer band on the scene, but that doesn't make the impact they're creating any less meaningful. They're what I would term sludge death metal, due to the slower tempo and bass driven riffs. I find that their sound is still in the refinement stage, what with them only being 6 or 7 shows deep as of this writing. That being said, they show a lot of energy onstage, and they have a good line up as far as talent is concerned. I'm reminded of the Xenomorph chest bursters with this band. It's like, when you least expect it their gestation period will end and they'll explode onto the underground in a frenzy of gore and fury. I look forward to witnessing their evolution.

    No videos....yet.